We believe that the Red Brangus breed is one of the best around. Sturdy, problem-free, docile, great mothering instincts and most importantly beef producers. Unfortunately, Houston continually encroaches on our way of life. Development of sub-divisions North of us has led to excessive drainage into waterways that are poorly managed. Unlike suburban counties, Brazoria County has no master plan for drainage. Citizens in the middle and Southern part of the county are left to deal with the results of unethical development in the Northern part of the county. After 5 years of increasing flooding I refuse to put animals in the situation they have been forced to endure. Until the problem is correct, we have quit the cattle business. Maybe the next County Judge and Drainage District Commissioners will address the problem. If not I guess there is always legal action. If you’re a hot-shot lawyer who would like to make a name for yourself, drop us an email, we'll talk.